Sunday, January 8, 2017

Take The Key And Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

Grace Blakely is on the run from the people trying to kill her and her brother. The problem is that there are two groups trying to kill them. Who wants them dead more? The royals of Adria who stand to lose the crown if they are found or the secret society that has kept their bloodline hidden for hundreds of years?

Grace wants nothing more than to end this centuries old secret, but there is only one way she see's to do that. She must make a deal with the devil that will save her brother, but ruin the rest of Grace's life.

I think this is the last book in the Embassy Row series. I'm not sure on that though. Grace really got on my last nerve this time around. I understand the whole point of portraying her as broken, but it started to come across as whiny rather than crazy. At one point I expected that Grace and her friends came up with a solution that would have a grand reveal towards the end of the book, but really there wasn't anything to that. She did have good friends that stuck by her even in her crazy periods and Alexei was a nice romantic figure throughout. I'm glad that we finally find out who originally wanted Grace's mom killed and why they wanted her and her brother gone, but even though this seems to be the wrap up I still find myself thinking there were loose ends left hanging. So I find myself a little bit disappointed in this book, but yet it kept me reading to find out the ending of Grace's story so not all was lost.

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  1. Sorry you found this one a little disappointing. That's never fun. I enjoyed All Fall Down, but haven't read the sequel yet. Here's hoping I read the rest of the series soon! :)