Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love Everlasting by Julie Lessman

Shannon has no interest in flirting with player Sam, who's earned the nickname of Dr. Love. Shannon has gone down that road before and gotten burned. Shannon's brother Jack knows that Shannon is the perfect person to ask to get Dr. Love home after he's had too many drinks. Jack knows his sister won't fall to Dr. Love's charms.

Sam and his girlfriend have just broken up. Again. Sam is used to the dance and is sure that Jazz is the woman for him. Once he gets over his drunk Sam enlists Shannon's help in getting Jazz back. Sam and Shannon become the best of friends. Unfortunately Shannon isn't as immune to Dr. Love as she thought! Sam is dedicated to getting Jazz back and will do anything to prove that he is a changed man. Anything, including developing a faith in the God whom Shannon swears will give Sam the love everlasting he so desires.

I'm loving this Isle of Hope series! I love the characters. In Love Everlasting we catch up with all of the characters from Isle of Hope. Jack and Lacey have been married for a year now, and Ben has  arrived home only to find that he may have a rival for Tess's attention! Sam and Shannon's story is beautiful. I love how their friendship develops. I love how strong Shannon's faith is and how she is no-nonsense with Sam. She tells him like it is! I love the spiritual lessons that the characters learn. While the love stories play out among the characters, the ultimate love story of God's love for us is clearly presented. While author Julie Lessman is known for her passionate and drama-ridden characters, there is also an element of humor that lightens a scene. Speaking of passion...ooohhhhhh la la!*fans self*  Love Everlasting does not disappoint in that subject! If you are a fan of sizzling kisses that leave a character weak in the knees, then be prepared! While steamy kisses and smoldering looks abound, they are always tastefully portrayed and not carried beyond the bedroom door. Love Everlasting proves once again why Julie Lessman is at the top of my favorite author list!

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  1. Oh, Jules, THANK YOU for such a wonderful review, my friend -- I LOVED it and I am SO glad you loved Love Everlasting! Hope there wasn't TOO much drama and angst for you ... ;)


    1. Just enough drama for me that I didn't get frustrated and want to throw the book across the room. Well, I would have had to throw the Kindle across the room and that would have been sad! :)