Saturday, September 3, 2016

Downtown Green by Judy Christie

With the new highway bi-pass diverting people around Green, downtown is dying. Can Lois come up with a plan to help save their small town?

It sure seems that everyone pins a lot of responsibility on Lois to get them out of a bind! Chris and Lois now have a baby boy that keeps them on their toes. Lois is a good momma to baby Eddie, but she needs to loosen up a bit, she takes overprotective momma to a new level!

There are changes coming to Green, the question is, will Green survive them? Since coming to Green Lois has found herself in the middle of all of the happenings of small town life. She loves Green and is determined to do all in her power to keep Green from dying. The first thing that she and Chris do is purchase the old run down ice cream parlor. All of their friends help restore it.

All of the characters that we have come to love in Green are back. Also some that we are not so fond of. Major is now out of jail and up to his old tricks. I love all of the lives that Lois has touched through her move to Green. She has grown a lot since she has come to Green and hopes to raise her son in this small town where she has found love and purpose.

I enjoyed reading the Green series. I think this was the last one in the series although I don't think it really ended so there may be more...I hope!

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