Thursday, August 20, 2015

No Place To Hide by Lynette Eason

Jackie Sellers and Ian Lockwood are on the run. Ian is being framed as a terrorist and Jackie is his accomplice. When Jackie hears that her old friend is wanted as a terrorist she knows something isn't right. So she goes to his house to find out what is going on. What she doesn't count on are the real terrorists trying to kill she and Ian. Ian is pretty sure that an email he received by mistake at work is what has put him in jeopardy. He doesn't want to put Jackie in danger, but in her line of work with Operation Rescue, rescuing is what she does. After narrowly escaping the terrorists Ian and Jackie and Ian's dog become two of America's most wanted. Afraid to turn themselves in because they don't know who they can trust, Jackie and Ian set out to clear Ian's name and find out exactly what the terrorists have planned. Will it be in time to avert a National disaster?

I love a book that starts out with a lot of action! It usually is a clue that the reader is in for a roller coaster of a ride. NO PLACE TO HIDE did not disappoint. It started out exciting and it kept the pace throughout the entire book. I liked the fact that Ian and Jackie knew each other in the past. The fact that Ian was picked on and Jackie was an abused child and they overcame those things in their lives made them strong adults and perfect for each other. Again, I enjoyed the pace of the book. The suspense of how the bad guys kept finding them, not knowing exactly who the person calling the shots was and trying to stay one step ahead of the FBI(and other agencies), made for a fast-paced and exciting read. If you haven't read any of Lynette Eason's books I highly recommend them, especially if you are a romance/suspense lover like I am.

**Thanks to the publisher through NetGalley for my copy for review. All opinions are my own**


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