Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Big 5-Oh! By Sandra D. Bricker

Olivia is headed to Florida for a much needed vacation. Surviving the death of her husband, and a bout of cancer Olivia is in need of a change of scenery. On the plane she meets a handsome man named Jared. They hit it off right away and enjoy their flight. When they arrive in Florida they lose sight of each other and think that that was the end of their acquaintance. Imagine their surprise when the house that Liv is staying at is right next door to Jared's!

Liv's big 5-0 birthday is coming up. She believes her birthday is jinxed because it seems like some disaster or other crops up to ruin it. She expects the same for this birthday. House-sitting for her best friends mother comes with a gassy dog named Missy Boofer. Once they establish a friendship Missy Boofer and Liv have some funny (of course one-way) dialog.

Jared and Liv spend quite a few hours getting to know each other and are attracted to each other but Liv's intention of going back home to Ohio is looming ahead for both of them. And of course they are too old for the "love at first sight" deal. Then why does it rip their hearts apart to even think about Liv departing?

I thought this was a delightful story! Interspersed with humor and broken up by a parallel tale of Pru the donkey I found The Big 5-Oh! to be a fun read. If you've never read any of Sandra Bricker's books you should pick one up and give it a try. They always make me smile!

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