Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fifth Avenue Fidos by Holly Schindler

About The Book:

Mable Barker has left her family home and moved to New York City. Always upbeat, Mable has had a string of failed employment and a failed romance that leave her ready to throw in the towel.

Jason Mead's family raise Pekinese show dogs. Jason is a veterinarian with dreams of raising his own Pekinese show dogs apart from his parents. Unfortunately the dog that he thought would be his ticket to stardom has a mind of his own. Innis is a misbehaved puppy, but there is something about him that Jason adores. Of course nobody else sees Innis's potential, until Mable Barker comes along.

With words of advice from a hot dog vendor to "find her calling" Mable snatches up one more job as a dog walker. When she meets Innis it is love at first sight, for both dog and human. Mable manages to find her calling and find romance through one disobedient Pekinese show dog.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Fifth Avenue Fidos. The humor throughout the story sometimes had me rolling with laughter. Mable tends to use humor to cover up her insecurities, but then her life kind of lends itself to humor. With 4 brothers(all named after the Beatles, unintentionally of course), bent on protecting their sister in the big bad city, of course there are going to be some wonderful comedic scenes. The romance was sweet but I have to mention there is one sex scene. While not overly graphic, it is there and since my blog is mostly "clean" reads it needs to be mentioned. While the scene did provide some comedic entertainment to the story I could have done without it and it bumps this from a cute story that anyone could read to a more adult audience. That being said, I found the story entertaining and the characters engaging. Actually Fifth Avenue Fidos could be considered two stories for the price of one. Along with Mable's story is a parallel fairy tale that breaks out now and then throughout the book. It too is a sweet story with a lesson learned, but I found it sometimes interrupted the flow of the main story. Kind of like a commercial cutting in right at "the good part" of a movie. At the end of the book there is a Q & A between Mable and the author that explains the reason for the parallel story. As for the Happily Ever After ending that all fairy tales are known for, I was quite happy with how everything turned out in both stories.

For more information on the book and the author check out the post I did for the cover reveal

**Warnings: mild language and a brief sex scene may be offensive to some readers**

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