Thursday, March 5, 2015

Web of Deceit by Susan Sleeman

Kait works for the FBI. Her brother-in-law is a computer genius using his ability to steal from unsuspecting victims. While escaping the law he accidentally kills his wife instead of his intended victim, Kait.

Kait has made it her priority for 3 years searching for any sign of her brother-in-law. Fenton has finally turned up but he has no intention of being caught, his sole purpose is to get his daughter from Kait and to exact his revenge on Kait for ruining his life.

With a series of grizzly murders Fenton plays a game of cat and mouse with Kait and local law enforcement detective Sam Murdock. How many people will he murder before he gets to Kait? Sam is determined to not let that happen.


Seriously! Oh my goodness! Full of suspense from the very beginning! I loved every minute of it! Every character was fully developed, their feelings, their emotions, and their realness totally believable. Reading Fenton's evil plans and thoughts and deeds was totally creepy. Also the dangers of scammers on computers makes me kind of never want to get on a computer again! Well done Susan Sleeman!! Looking forward to the next book in the Agents Under Fire Series.

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