Saturday, January 17, 2015

Holiday Defenders by Debby Giusti, Susan Sleeman, Jodie Bailey

Mission: Christmas Rescue by Debbie Giusti

When Elizabeth’s brother Zack calls and tells her to pack up his children and run she has no idea where she is going to go. Zack sends his old friend Nick to help her. Having broken her heart 10 years before, Elizabeth wants nothing to do with Nick. But Nick is not about to turn down his friend Zack’s call for help. He rushes in to help Elizabeth and Zack’s children get to safety just in time. Working quickly to discover what Zack, an investigative reporter, has been working on Elizabeth and Nick rekindle old feelings for each other. Their top priority though is keeping Zack’s children out of the hands of crooked men bent on using them to keep Zack quiet. Hopefully Nick and Elizabeth can get the information that Zack has gathered into the right hands before Christmas so that Zack and his children will be together. And will Elizabeth be able to forgive Nick for leaving her so long ago and trust him to care for her and the children?

Special Ops Christmas by Susan Sleeman

Someone has stolen a top secret project Claire and her team have been working on. Travis Chapman is sent to protect Claire who is the only one that knows the code that will open the project. Travis and Claire have a past though. Claire sent him away and now they will be in close proximity once again. Will they still have the old feelings for each other or will their past stay in the past?
Quite a bit of suspense wrapped up in this short story. Starts and ends with a bang and a few surprises in between. I always enjoy a Susan Sleeman suspense!

Homefront Holiday Hero by Jodie Bailey

When Kelly Walters is shot at outside of the Resource Center she works for, it is a good thing that Major Tyler Rainey is there to rescue her. Thinking this is a random act of mischief they are surprised when the shooter comes back to try again. Pretty soon it is obvious that for some reason Kelly is being targeted. Several attempts are made on her life and each time Tyler is there to rescue her…always in the right place at the right time.
Kelly doesn’t want to date a military man though. After all, her father was never home for her or her mother. Kelly doesn’t want that in a relationship of her own. But the heart wants what the heart wants and for Kelly that is Tyler.
Homefront Holiday Hero is a sweet romantic suspense short story that keeps the reader guessing who the would-be killer is until the very end. 

 Wrap Up:

I enjoyed all three stories in this Holiday Defenders Love Inspired book. If you like romantic suspense stories then these three short stories will be perfect for you. They are also perfect for your Christmas reading. Curl up with your favorite hot beverage, a warm fire in the fireplace and this romantic suspense book and settle in for a perfect night of reading, you won’t be disappointed!

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