Thursday, January 16, 2014

TBR Stack Frustration

A couple of months ago I posted a picture of my To Be Read stack. And here I am again with some of the same books(ok, MOST of the same books) and more added to the stack. So much for my New Year's resolution of cutting back on my request for books!

These are the books that have been waiting for me for months to read:

They are books that I absolutely MUST read! The Moxie one my friend Karin had the author sign for me! The rest are parts of series that I need to finish. I want to finish them, I MUST finish them!

These are books that I have requested or been requested to review:

I promised myself that I would cut back on how many books I would request this year. Ooops, here it is January and I am already behind and have requested way too many.

And these are on my Kindle:

Loving this one so far!!! Amber blogs at Seasons of Humility. Come visit me on February 7th as I am part of Amber's blog tour. Amber will be guest posting here and I will be reviewing Forget Me Not.

I've enjoyed everything that Lynette Eason has written so I am looking forward to delving into this book.

How about you? Are you swamped by your TBR stack or are you able to limit your requests?


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! You went to way too many book conferences last year Karin. And even with my TBR stack a mile high I am so jealous of all the freebies you got!!!

  2. Right there with you, Julie. Guess there's comfort in knowing we're not alone... right!? ;)

    1. haha Rissi, so true, I wrote this post just to comfort myself in knowing that others were in the same boat as I am :)