Thursday, May 16, 2013

No Way Out by Susan Sleeman

While out running Alyssa Wells stumbles across a clandestine meeting between police officers that her husband worked with before he died. What she hears shocks her. Knowing she cannot let the men know that she has heard them Alyssa tries to escape quietly. Unfortunately she falls and alerts the men to her presence. Rushing to escape and hoping that they do not know who heard them Alyssa encounters Cole Justice. Cole and his siblings own a private investigator business and Cole agrees to help Alyssa bring the men to justice and hopefully prove that her husband was not a part of the drug ring that the officers belong to. Cole and Alyssa are attracted to each other but both carry baggage. Alyssa thinks she can never trust another man in her life and Cole has demons chasing him from his time in Iraq. Alyssa has put her trust in God to help her through her situation but Cole has lost his trust in God and feels he can only trust in himself to keep the people he cares for safe. As a killer begins to make threats to Alyssa and those closest to her, Cole is determined to keep her safe, but will his efforts be enough?

NO WAY OUT was a great suspense and held my interest throughout. Even though we knew who the main "bad guys" were from the beginning of the story that didn't take away from the suspense of how the story unfolded. I liked both Cole and Alyssa's characters. Even though Cole had demons from his past experience in Iraq he felt his heart thawing when Alyssa and her twins came into his life. Slowly but surely Alyssa was able to once again put her trust in a man and allow him to care for her and her children. Her faith was a great example to Cole and rang true throughout the entire story. I enjoyed this book so much that I went to Amazon and ordered two other books in the Justice Agency series. I'm looking forward to reading them as I love a romantic suspense story!

For more information on Susan Sleeman and The Justice Agency series check out her website HERE.

Thanks to the author for my copy of NO WAY OUT. 

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