Friday, February 15, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

When Hale's Grandmother Hazel passes away it sends Hale into a downhill spiral. When Hazel's will is read it sends surprises throughout the Hale family.

Suspecting that the will has been tampered with Marcus, Hale's driver, and his sister Marianne request to hire Kat and her crew to find the "real" will. Realizing that the trustee to the Hale fortune is about to make off with a prototype that would save the Hale empire from ruin, Kat calls in everyone she knows to help con a con man. But will this con prove to be over Kat's head?

For a while I was getting concerned that Kat had lost her talent. She seemed a bit insecure several times in the book and Hale's behavior really threw her for a loop. But I held on because Kat and her crew always manage to come up with an ingenious plan to get the job done and I was definitely not disappointed! Ally Carter knows how to weave a good con story and I look forward to future Heist Society novels!

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