Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Chase by DiAnn Mills

Kariss Walker is an author working on her next book. She has determined to switch from writing books for women to writing suspense novels. Kariss has decided to write a work of fiction based on the unsolved death of a little girl. In order to learn how her characters should behave she has come to the FBI to gain incite into how they solve a case.

Special Agent Tigo Harris is assigned to help Kariss with her research. Tigo is in the middle of a case involving members of the Arroyo gang, a group of gun smugglers.

Kariss  has a knack for getting right into the thick of things. Before long she is on the Arroyo's hit list. Tigo urges her to leave town but Kariss is determined to help find another missing child.

This was a great suspense novel that kept me turning the pages until the exciting end. I liked the way Kariss managed to win Tigo over eventually. Kariss and her strong-headedness frustrated me a couple of times. After the gang is after her she still goes off by herself and gets into trouble. I thought the ending was wrapped up a bit too quickly. I felt like I was reading along and the suspense was building and then all of the sudden it was over. I felt like saying "wait a minute, what just happened?" This is the first book in the Crime Scene Houston series. The next book The Survivor comes out in March 2013.

I received my copy from ALA in January 2012. 

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