Friday, January 27, 2012

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

This year I'm participating in the Contentment Reading Challenge hosted by Katie at Legacy of a Writer. The challenge is to be content with what we have and to enjoy books that we have on our shelves and have already read. I have challenged myself to do the WADING level of this challenge. That is to re-read 10 books this year. New Moon is my first one that I have re-read.

New Moon is my least favorite book of the Twilight series. It is depressing how Edward decides to leave. It is more depressing to see how it affects Bella. And of course the most irritating part is that this is the book that Jacob becomes a key player in. Yes, I am an Edward fan! But New Moon is also the jumping off point for the last 2 books in the series. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn could not have been written without having all of the background of New Moon. So that is why when I re-read the series I never skip over New Moon even though I would like to.

The thing about re-reading books that is comforting to me is that they are like visiting old friends. Sometimes while reading other books the tension in the story gets to me, or there is anxiety over the angst that is being portrayed. In re-reading a book, I know what is going to happen, I know how the ending is going to turn out. There is no anxiety, it is JUST FOR FUN! I didn't start with Twilight because I re-read that last year. I think I will try to re-read the other 2 this year. We'll see what my mood is when I decide to re-read my next book.

So, here is my first book finished for the Contentment Reading Challenge for 2012. Head over to Katie's blog and see if you would like to participate in the Challenge!


  1. Thanks for joining in the challenge! So you'll be rereading the Twilight series this year, eh? Cool! I've never watched the movies or read the books...but I'd probably be Team Jacob. I always like the dark-feature, kinda-bad boys! :-P

  2. Yes Katie, I'm a fan of Twilight. What can I say? I know people either love it or hate it. I happen to love a good love story. My husband has read them, and he too is a fan...isn't that funny?

  3. That is! I can't get the guys in my family to read ANYTHING, so it's always so cool to hear of a guy reading and liking a book with a love story! ;-)

  4. He's an old softy and romantic! I love it! I so know about trying to get people to read. I worked in a middle school library and sometimes it was like pulling teeth to get a kid to read a book. Then I was at a women's get together last night and we were introducing ourselves and telling one thing about ourselves so I shared that I was a book blogger. One of the women gasped and said "you mean you read a whole book?" I cracked up, but there are those non-readers out there. They are sure missing out!

    1. Just testing the comment replies. It looks like it is working. There is a reply under each comment to use if you want to respond to a particular comment. (This is Karin, by the way.)

    2. Thanks Karin for getting me all set up!