Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Always the Baker Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

This book made me laugh out loud! I love a story that can do that. The dialog between characters was so witty and filled with humor. A very entertaining read.

Emma works in a bakery for a cranky boss. Emma has just won the prestigious Passionate Palette award for one of her mouthwatering wedding cakes. A cake that Emma has only had a taste of since she is a diabetic. Emma's eccentric friend Fiona also works at the bakery. When Emma reads about the Tanglewood hotel opening up and in need of a baker she sees it as her and Fiona's chance to shine and show her true baking abilities, with hopefully a less cranky boss.

Jackson doesn't know what to think of Emma when he stumbles into the bakery that she works in. He sees her as an annoyance when she tries to get him to drink hazelnut coffee instead of the plain black coffee he asked for. When she shows up at his hotel to apply for the job of baker he is less than thrilled. But some things are out of Jackson's hands, mainly his 3 sisters! Emma has charmed her way to their hearts and they just know that if Jackson hires her the Tanglewood will have it's start in making a name for itself.

The book really becomes entertaining once the sisters become involved and once Emma's "divorced" parents arrive. Add to that Emma's Aunt Sophie who keeps escaping from the assisted living home and it all adds up to one riotous laugh after another!

Another fun thing about the book that was fun was that at the beginning(or ending) of each chapter there was either a recipe for some delicious sweet or wedding tips and advice.

I downloaded this book for free from Amazon.

This is the 2nd book I have read for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge

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