Friday, October 14, 2011

Lion's Pride by Debbie Jordan

The sheriff of Moon Valley must find the murderer of Don Santiago Castillo de Leon. Unfortunately for sheriff Paco Alaniz the list of suspects is long. Don Santiago was not a man loved by his family or his workers, few will miss him.

Father Ramon does his best to comfort the grieving widow Dona Margarita while battling his forbidden attraction for her. He cannot understand how Margarita can grieve for the husband that abused her. Both are wracked with guilt and condemnation.

In a nearby settlement a group of polygamists live. Led by their strict leader Prosper Hanson, the husband of 9 wives looking to take on a 10th wife to further populate the earth. When sheriff Paco's wife visits the settlement one of Prosper's wives approaches her to take a message to her brother. She is fed up with Prosper's ways and has decided to leave the sect.

When Willa's brother Jacob Strong arrives in town he is determined to rescue his sister from Prosper. Jacob not only wants to rescue Willa but also the woman he loves, Maida, Prosper's first wife. Even though Maida loves Jacob she is determined to honor God by staying with the sect. The family have all been taught by Prosper that God speaks to him and therefore they must honor him in order to honor God.

Not only does the sheriff find his hands full with a murder investigation, but also the unrest in the polygamist settlement along with a roving puma cat killing cattle and terrorizing the town and settlement. Sheriff Paco, in his steady calm manner goes about protecting his town and the people that live there.

Lion's Pride was a delightful surprise for me! I enjoyed each character in the story. I loved the relationship that sheriff Paco and his wife Connie shared. Prosper and his family and fellow polygamists were depicted with honesty and even sympathy. Author Debbie Jordan was able to bring the feelings and flaws of all of her characters onto the pages of her book and into the heart of this reader. 

Published by: Outskirts Press


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