Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Famous by Todd Strasser

Jamie Gordon is famous for being the youngest paparazzi. She has a knack for getting just the right pictures of the stars. Her fellow paparazzi think that she is just a one-hit wonder. Her mother refuses to call her photography skills a career. And her boyfriend seems to be distancing himself from her. 

When superstar Willow Twine requests Jamie come to LA and do an exclusive photo shoot for a week, Jamie is thrilled. Willow is trying to boost her career. After coming out of rehab she has one last chance to clean herself up or she becomes a has-been. Willow is bent on destruction though as she has her former boyfriend Rex come stay. When Jamie finds some unexpected pictures on her camera she must decide what to do, betray a friend to boost her own career or delete them and miss her opportunity for fame.

Also while in LA, Jamie tries to get in contact with her best friend. Avy moved to LA when he was 15 to seek his acting career. When Jamie finally meets up with him she is shocked by what he has done to himself. Plastic surgery has made him not even look like the Avy she used to know.

On the positive side I liked Famous very much. I was engaged with all of the characters. I wanted to know what was happening in their lives. On the negative side the book was written so choppily that it sometimes got hard to follow. One minute we were reading about something that happened in 9th grade and then the next chapter we were in the present, then the next chapter we would be early in Jamie's 10th grade year. Somehow though I managed to become involved in the story and then it was hard to put down.

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