Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Texas Sky by Lori Wick

Dakota Rawlings is the middle of the Rawlings brothers. Almost losing his life in a shootout caused him to evaluate his spiritual condition. Yielding his life to the Lord was the best thing that Dakota has ever done. Recovering from his gunshot wounds has been the hardest. When Dakota is asked to escort his boss's niece to her friends house Dakota agrees. Darvi Wingate is determined to get to her friend to share her news. Darvi has finally seen her need for the Lord and she cannot wait to share with the friend that has prayed for her for years. After a wonderful visit with her friend and much needed rest for Dakota he continues to escort Darvi to the train headed for home. Dakota sees a woman that looks like Darvi being led away from the train, but when he follows he can't find the men or the woman so he lets it go. But his spirit is not at rest and after a couple of days with his brother Dakota decides to go back to Aurora and look into what he saw. Trouble seems to follow Darvi around and Dakota is right to go back and check on her. Darvi has been held against her will by a man and his family. The moment he set eyes on Darvi he had to have her. No matter how many times Darvi tells him that she will never care for him, he is determined to try and win her over.

I love Dakota and Darvi's salvation experiences. I love their desire to grow in their relationship with Christ. Both are determined to find answers and live their lives serving Him and most of all to see their parents come to Christ as well. Darvi's abduction experience covers most of the book and the reader even feels a little bit of pity for the man that has been so taken with her. But no matter how nice of a man he seems to be what he has done is wrong and there is no getting around that. As with all of Lori Wick's books, the characters are sweet and likable. The spiritual lessons that the characters learn are woven into their stories and grow them in faith. I really enjoyed this story.

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