Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Threads of Suspicion by Dee Henderson

Evie Blackwell and the new team to solve cold cases are going from county to county to take on different unsolved cases. They add a new perspective on the cases and help put to rest what has happened to those who have disappeared. Evie and David, another investigator, have chosen two cases in the same area. One a missing college student and one a missing private investigator. Soon Evie finds evidence that something may have happened to the college student the night of a Triple M concert which happens to be David's fiance's band. David's case gets solved fairly quickly and then he and Evie are able to concentrate all of their efforts on keeping Maggie, David's fiance, safe and finding out what the connection between her band and the missing girl have in common.

Threads of Suspicion takes the reader on a step by step process of solving Evie and David's cold cases. At times I found this interesting and at other times I found it rather boring. The story seemed to plod along at a slow pace, but yet I still wanted to finish it to find out what happened. I think I enjoyed the different relationships better than I enjoyed the mystery of what happened in their cold cases. I did get a bit frustrated at Evie for still holding back on the man she is in love with. By the end of the book we are still left in the dark as to what she intends to answer the man who loves her(and honestly, I like the guy, but I thought she had more of a connection with Gabriel Thane from book one). David's relationship with Maggie isn't much better in that Maggie isn't a believer and David is. Again, we are left in the dark as to what happens in that relationship as well. So I'm assuming there will be another cold case to solve and that Evie and David and the rest of the team will be handy to solve them and hopefully we will get closure on their relationships. All in all it was a good read, and I am invested enough in the characters that I want to see what happens next. But, *whispering now* this still doesn't live up to this author's O'Malley series...shhhhhh, I didn't say that out loud!

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