Tuesday, December 29, 2015

See How They Run by Ally Carter

Once Grace found out the truth about who killed her mother her sanity has been hanging on by a thread. Now that Grace knows who the scarred man is she is no longer afraid of him, instead he seems to be the only one that takes her seriously.

Grace's brother and his friend come to the embassy for Jamie to see for himself how Grace is doing. When Jamie's friend and Alexei get into a fist fight over Grace she is totally disgusted with both of them. When Jamie's friend ends up dead Alexei is accused of murder. Grace knows that Alexei wouldn't kill anyone so she is determined to hide him and find out who killed Jamie's friend.

Grace is tired of all of the secrets that are on Adria. Little by little the secrets are being revealed to her, but she still doesn't understand what an integral part her family plays in Adria's past. Forces are out to hurt Grace and the ones she loves and Grace must figure out whom to trust before it is too late.

I really like the mystery surrounding Grace and her family. There are secret societies, embassies, friendships, cover-ups, and royalty all represented in Grace's life. I wish that there was more of that in the book and less of Grace's "crazy" represented. I got tired of her beating herself up for her past. Yes, I believe that what happened to her could unhinge a person a bit. But it seemed overdone and didn't fit sometimes with the strong/stubborn characteristics that she seemed to exhibit at other times during the story. I did like the friendships that Grace has made with the other Embassy Row kids and the fact that they were willing to help her get to the bottom of what is going on and help her through the drama that is her life. As with the first book, See How They Run left us hanging at a pivotal part of the story and I now eagerly await the next Embassy Row novel in order to see what happens.

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