Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Fall Down by Ally Carter

Grace Blakely has just moved to the US Embassy in Adria to live with her grandfather. Three years before Grace saw her mother killed and has always maintained that a man with a scar was the murderer. Everyone in Grace's life has told her that her mother's death was an accident. Grace is determined to find the man who killed her mother and prove to her family that she is not crazy.

If you have read Ally Carters other series The Gallagher Girls and The Heist Society you know her writing features strong girl characters. In All Fall Down Grace tries to come across to her new friends as being tough and not needing their friendship or help, but in reality Grace is broken.

I really enjoyed All Fall Down. I thought that Grace's character was pretty plucky at the beginning, but things started unraveling pretty quick for her once she spotted the man with the scar. I really liked several of the other young people that lived on Embassy Row and hopefully they will be in the next book as well. Noah's announcement that he was Grace's new best friend cracked me up as well as her interchange with Lila the self-proclaimed leader of the Embassy Row youth. One problem I have is that the book has a huge cliffhanger and I have no idea when the next book will come out!

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