Thursday, July 25, 2013

Songstone by Lena Goldfinch

Kita was found when she was very young. She doesn’t look like the other tribe members. She has red hair and green eyes. Obviously she is a Huwi which causes great resentment and fear among the tribe she lives in. It doesn’t help that when Kita turned 8 the tribal medicine man took her away from the only family she ever knew and made her his servant. Kita suffers unbearably under Matiko’s cruelty. Nightly blood draws from the back of her neck have left Kita’s skin feeling rough and sore. Matiko spends each day in his back room working up potions and spells to try to become all powerful. The tribe does not see the cruelty of Matiko because he has cast a spell on them. Kita wishes for escape. She tries every way possible to stay out of Matiko’s way and to avoid the other tribe members. When Pono arrives from another tribe she hopes to finally escape Matiko’s abuse. Pono seems to be the only person that has ever been able to see through Matiko’s spell to the cruel man that he is. When Pono helps Kita escape she vows to never return to Matiko or her tribe. But always in the back of Kita’s mind is the thought that somehow she will be the one to bring Matiko down and that scares her to death!

Songstone reminds me of what I imagine a Hawaiian legend to be like. With beautiful island landscapes and tribal villages along with magical birds, evil witch doctors and of course the romantic love between two young people. Lena Goldfinch paints vivid pictures of not just the surroundings of Kita and her tribe, but also about the characters themselves. They come alive and the reader is able to feel their emotions. I found Songstone to be beautifully written even though Kita is treated cruelly which causes the story to be a bit dark. Songstone is one of those stories that just may haunt me for a while!

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  1. Great review, Julie! I so agree about Lena's writing - very descriptive and vivid. And this story is rather haunting, isn't it? But also ultimately uplifting, I believe. :)

    Thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour!


  2. Thanks, Julie! What a lovely review. I'm glad you liked it. :)

    PS Songstone is now available on iTunes/iBookstore too. (Just released there today!)

  3. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I have been in the car for 12 hours today so haven't been able to check email or keep up with everything. More travel tomorrow. Yes
    Amber, ultimately an uplifting story. Thanks for having me be a part of the blog tour!