Friday, May 31, 2013

Storm by Evan Angler

This is the 3rd installment of The Swipe Series. The Dust are kind of spread out in this story. Some are left in Beacon to try and find and rescue Eddie(their antics to get the IMPS out are pretty entertaining). Some are looking for a cure for Erin who has the Trumpet disease. They go to the doctor that invented the disease, but find that it is not the original disease that she created. Soon many more Marked will come down with Trumpet and with no known cure many will perish. Logan and Hailey are off on a mission by themselves. It hasn't rained on America for months. It looks like someone has sabotaged the seeding plant and Logan and Hailey are determined to prevent the final sabotage. Meanwhile Cylis and General Lamson begin to distrust each other and plan out their own strategies to become the only leader of one united country.

I really enjoyed the first two books in The Swipe Series. I have to confess that this 3rd installment lacked something that kept me from thoroughly enjoying it. I don't know if there were too many stories involved that kept some sort of cohesiveness from happening in the story or if I was distracted while reading the story(which is entirely possible) and therefore was easily lost while reading. One of the complaints I had in the first two books was that these are marketed as Christian books but yet nothing led me to believe that they were except for the "clean-ness" of them. Storm brought out a bit more "religion" in that Logan is carrying around a Bible that someone gave him in one of the former books. He prays in Storm, but to whom or what we are not told. God is never mentioned and Cylis's name is used as a curse word as people are in the habit of using "god" as a curse word now. Will I read the next book to come out in The Swipe series? YES! I need to find out what happens to Logan and to find out what the author is doing by putting himself into the story. I can't decide whether that is genius or annoying!

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