Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wounds by Alton Gansky

Ellis Poe is a shy and timid man. He also has a terrible secret that he has kept for almost 30 years. When one of his students is a murder victim Ellis is thrown back 30 years when the detective that comes to question him brings back all of the memories of one fateful night when he was just 17. 

Carmen Rainmondi is no stranger to murder. It is her job to find out who this latest killer is. Carmen has been working her sister’s murder for years. She is determined that someday she will find out who killed her sister and make him pay. 

When murdered victims start turning up Ellis and Carmen’s paths cross. Carmen and her team are baffled by what makes this killer tick. What are his motives for the bizarre killings? When Ellis, a professor at a local seminary, happens to see the murder board in an investigation room he is able to provide a fresh perspective on the killings. But will Ellis have the courage to confess to Carmen his part in her sister’s death or will he once again take flight?

I think WOUNDS was a great murder mystery! It kept me turning the pages to the final outcome. If a person is squeamish about blood and guts this is probably not the book for you. Each of the murders was gruesome in some way, shape or form and graphically portrayed to the point that I almost felt like I was seeing it for myself. I thought the ending was a bit abrupt and left me a little disappointed, but for the most part WOUNDS was a solid read.

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