Friday, March 1, 2013

Strand of Deception by Robin Caroll

Maddie Baxter is a forensic scientist working for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. She believes that “Science never lies.” When a local politician’s daughter is found murdered, Maddie and the rest of the forensic team are called out to gather the evidence.

Special Agent in Charge Nick Hagar is heading up the investigation. When he meets Maddie he is instantly attracted to her. One problem, Nick used to be her brothers boss. As they both work to find the killer Nick and Maddie’s relationship grows. Nick is bitter against God though and that may hinder any type of relationship that the two could have. 

As the case takes twists and turns Nick has to deal with personal emotions and misconceptions that he has believed since his brother’s death. Beliefs that have separated him from his faith for years now have to be faced since he met Maddie. 

Maddie has to deal with the guilt she feels over being the means of setting a criminal free. Confronted by the victim and believing once again that “Science never lies” Maddie sets out to find the real criminal. 

Maddie is the last of the Baxter siblings to find love. Her brother Rafe and sister Riley found romance in the first two novels of the Justice Seeker series:

While I enjoyed STRAND OF DECEPTION, I think that it was lacking in the suspense that the other two novels had. I found all of the scientific and investigative techniques interesting and that was enough to keep me turning the pages along with the mystery of “who done it?” I also enjoyed catching up with Rafe and Remington and Riley and Hayden. It was fun to see Rafe go all “big brother” on Nick!


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