Friday, January 13, 2012

Injustice For All by Robin Caroll

Remington Wyatt worked for the FBI. She witnessed the killing of her godfather Judge Daniel Tate. Knowing who the killers are Remington decides quickly that she must make herself disappear. She doesn't know who she can trust in the FBI because she doesn't know how high up the corruption has gone. It is easy to make herself disappear.

Agent Rafe Baxter has been transferred to Arkansas. He is given the cold shoulder along with cold cases. One cold case happens to be Judge Daniel Tate's. Determined to pull his weight in his new job Rafe tracks down a clue that leads him to the small town of Hopewell, Louisiana. 

Remington has made a new life for herself. But after 3 years of hiding her old life seems to be catching up with her. Her godfather's killers are determined that this time she will not get away! Remington is also fighting a Spiritual battle. She has been angry at God for years. She blames Him for her parents' death and for her godfather's death. She is determined to have nothing to do with God. Her best friend Hayden Simpson has been praying that she will return to the Lord.

Packed with excitement, suspense and romance Injustice For All will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page is did me! Injustice For All is the first book in the new Justice Seekers series. The next book will be Rafe's sister Riley's story. I hope to read more about Remington and Rafe in that one too! I'm also hoping that Hayden Simpson will show up in a future novel too, with a love interest of his own of course.

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