Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Safe Haven by Kimberley Woodhouse and Kayla R. Woodhouse

Andie and her mother Jenna are flying in their plane home to Alaska. They are giving a ride to a man named Cole. When they see Hank their pilot and Cole struggling together they are confused and scared. Hank has sabotaged their plane and set them on a crash course for one of the highest peaks in Alaska.

After the crash Andie awakes first and realizes that she must help her mother and Cole stay warm in the freezing elements. Also she must take care of her own needs as she has a rare disorder that causes her to feel no pain and her body to be unable to maintain a proper temperature.

Jenna suffers a severe cut on her leg and has lost a lot of blood. When she comes to her first thoughts are for her daughter. Since the death of her husband she has been the sole caregiver for her daughter. She is very leery of Cole and his desire to get them away from the crash site. She also is struggling to understand why Hank who has been their friend for years would sabotage the plane.

Cole had made a promise to Jenna's husband before he died. He promised to take care of his family. He intends to do that no matter what. Battling his own demons of losing his wife and daughter he is determined to never let his heart care again. What he didn't count on was spunky Andie.

In an effort to escape other bad men that are after a secret that Jenna's husband never talked about to her, the 3 start hiking higher up the mountain. Their hope is that the bad men will think that they died in the crash. While spending harrowing days battling the elements Jenna's leg becomes steadily more infected. Andie's disorder proves challenging and Cole is in constant battle within himself about his softening heart towards "his girls". Andie gets under his skin with her straight-forward talk of God's love and forgiveness.

Danger is still just around the corner once they are rescued. Jenna is devastated when she learns about her husband's part in why they are in danger. Andie is disillusioned about her "hero dad." Both must learn to give their fears to the Lord and trust Him. Cole needs to learn that he is not in control of all situations and he must put his faith in God.

This was a fast-paced, heart-stopping mystery that I really enjoyed. You get the feel for each character as the story is told from Cole, Jenna and Andie's points of view.

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