Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goal-June 2010

Well I set a goal to get through the top shelf of my bookshelf. I don't know how I did because I have had to go through my shelf to return some overdue books. Sooooo, I am starting fresh. Here is what my shelf looks like now:

I am beginning to think that the stack will never end! I got rid of a bunch of books that have to be returned and brought home from vacation a stack of books that I want to read! I am a junkie!!!!


  1. The library is such a temptation! I came home with six books today making 7 library books total. Then there's the stacks of books I own that I'm trying to make some headway through. And I bought three books today that should be arriving soon. From one junkie to another, I hear ya.

  2. No kidding the library is a temptation! Try working in one! The stack will never be finished! Every time a student brings up a book I think, "I've got to read that one!" Also every time we get new books in I get to go through them first and seem to bring home more than I can read. AND then I go on Amazon or go to Borders or go visit someone and end up with more books. I'm pretty sure that my 2010 goal of reading through my "to-read" shelf is not going to be accomplished since that shelf seems to change daily. Oh well, I tried!