Saturday, May 15, 2010

Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings

Brady and his friends J.T. and Digger are just hanging out when they see Brady's neighbor out in a red kayak. Brady wants to yell a warning that the current is too strong to be out in but J.T. and Digger keep him from doing so. When tragedy strikes and Brady finds that it was Mrs. DiAngelo and her son Ben out in the kayak instead of Mr. DiAngelo he feels very guilty for not following through on his instinct to warn them.

Brady spends his days working for Mrs. DiAngelo trying to help her through her grief while also trying to relieve his own feelings of guilt. When he finds something that makes him realize that the tragedy may be more than just an accident it sends him into even deeper guilt and confusion. Does he risk betraying his friends to "do the right thing" or does he protect them at all costs?

I really enjoyed this book. It kept my interest with the right amount of tragedy and excitement. Plus the author autographed it for me!

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