Monday, January 8, 2018

Spark by Holly Schindler

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This is Verona High's senior project nightmare! Quin's mom is the substitute drama teacher and she has assigned the play "Anything Goes" as the senior project. But this cast is full of misfits and those hiding from the limelight. Add to that a dying town, a magical theater and a story that is aching to be told and maybe, just maybe, Quin's mom and Quin can help bring a spark back to the old town square of Verona. 

I loved SPARK! I love old buildings that have personalities of their own, underdogs that save the day, and pasts colliding with the present. All of those elements make up the story in Spark and it was magical for me! The cast of characters was great! The Avery theater(because yes, this theater is a character unto itself!) brought life back to the town of Verona after it's spark seemed to go out. Quin and her connection to the past and her glimpses into the tragedy that caused the Avery to close. Quin's friends Cass, with her unsightly birthmark, and Dylan with his impossible stutter and even Quin's mom who was a part of the past, all were perfectly portrayed and endearing. I enjoyed every moment of the story and highly recommend it!

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