Sunday, November 26, 2017

For Love Of Liberty by Julie Lessman

Liberty O’Shea and Griffin McShane have been rivals from grade school. Griffin has teased and tormented Liberty unrelentingly and Liberty’s temper has blasted Griffin more times than he or she can count. Now they are all grown up and Liberty and Griffin are once again butting heads. As co-chairs for the upcoming fourth of July celebration in town they are required to be in close proximity to each other. More than fireworks flare when these two butt heads!

Oh my goodness! Julie Lessman knows how to make her characters feisty and funny! Liberty’s salty tongue had me rolling on the floor laughing! And just in case that last line gives you pause, an example of Liberty’s tongue is her use of “horse apples!” as one of her expressions of exasperation. Liberty is definitely head-strong. She is for the downtrodden and women’s rights, and she is definitely against “Finn McShane” her old nemesis.

Underlying all of their sparring is a deep attraction that neither Liberty nor Finn acknowledged before, but now that they are adults that attraction is quickly turning into something deeper.

In true Julie Lessman style the passionate kisses the two share will curl your toes, and the sparring will have you laughing out loud. Along with the passion and humor there is also the characters desire to please their Creator. I always love the aspects of faith in this authors books, and love to see how the Lord touches the hearts of broken people and brings peace and balance to their lives.

For Love Of Liberty is the prequel to a new series and I am definitely looking forward to more!

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