Friday, July 28, 2017

Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

Gwen's husband is in prison for being caught as a serial killer. Gwen was accused of being his accomplice, but has been acquitted. Now Gwen and her two children are constantly in hiding because of their association with her ex husband Mel. People are out for revenge and the hate they spew is almost as horrific as what Mel would do to his victims. Now settled in a home on Stillhouse Lake Gwen is hoping to set down roots and keep her children safe. Gwen is just starting to get comfortable and hoping that her life is now her own when a woman's body turns up in the lake by her home. Gwen's past life is once more dredged up and her and her children are in danger because now there is a copy-cat killer out there and he obviously has been groomed by Mel. Gwen is no longer the meek woman she was while married to Mel and she will stop at nothing to keep her children safe.

Oh my goodness! So scary! The story was gripping and had me hooked even though it is outside of what I normally read. I found Gwen's character to be strong and I loved her fierceness in wanting to protect her children. She frustrated me though with her constant back and forth of, "Do we leave, or do we stay?" It seemed that she would settle on one and then turn right around and change her mind. Yes, understandable in the circumstances, but frustrating none the less. The murders were grisly and a bit hard to read, but not overgraphic. There was a mention of sex, but not descriptive. The language is pretty intense. All of that to say that yes, it is outside of my normal genre to review on my blog, but if you enjoy thriller-type books then you will definitely enjoy this. And a suggestion? You might not want to read it at night with the lights out and just your Kindle to light the room like I did. Made the book seem that much more scary!!! And a warning: This book is marketed for adults unlike this author's Morganville Vampire series which is YA and which I really enjoyed as well.

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