Saturday, December 27, 2014

The New Inductive Study Bible

Today I finished up my reading through the Bible in a year program. Each year I pick a schedule and a version of the Bible to read and each day I read from God's Holy Word. For 2014 I picked a plan that I knew early in that I wasn't happy with. BUT I decided to stick with it because I do like to try different things and read different versions. In 2014 I picked a plan that had a different book of the Bible to be in each day of the week. It was a 52 week Bible Reading Plan. On Sundays I read from the Epistles. On Mondays I read from The Law. On Tuesdays I read from History. On Wednesday I read from The Psalms. On Thursday I read from Poetry. On Fridays I read from Prophecy and on Saturdays I read from The Gospels. I found that even though it changed things up each day of the week there was no cohesion in my reading and that frustrated me. So for 2015 I will be reading straight through the Bible starting with Genesis and ending with Revelation. I will be reading on my Kindle and will be reading the English Standard Version.

Have you ever read through the Bible? If not, I challenge you to give it a try. Someone challenged my husband and I in a class we took at church about 16 years ago, and both of us have read through the Bible each year since.

May your 2015 be filled with many blessings and a closer walk with our Savior Jesus Christ!

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