Friday, June 20, 2014

Four Weddings and a Kiss

 About the book:

In the Prologue a group of pastors are each going to take turns telling a young preacher about different couples and the difficulties they overcame to be together in an effort to convince the young man to put aside his reservations about the woman he is in love with.


Spitfire Sweetheart by Mary Connealy

In the first story Maizy MacGregor has been raised on a cattle ranch by her father. When new neighbor Rylan Carstens first meets her Maizy is in a pair of pants getting ready to go work out in the pastures. Rylan is stunned by his attraction to Maizy and covers it up by criticizing her appearance in men’s clothing. When an accident caused by Maizy brings the two into close proximity for weeks at a time Maizy’s father insists that she learn to act and dress like a lady, and Rylan is just the man to teach her. 

I enjoyed Maizy and Rylan’s story. I loved how Maizy was a take-charge kind of gal. Both Rylan and Maizy learned a good lesson on accepting and being who God created them to be.

A Love Letter to the Editor by Robin Lee Hatcher

Molly Everton’s father owns the local newspaper. Molly is upset when her father doesn’t hire her as the new editor. Instead he has hired Jack Ludgrove, a man that Molly is determined to run out of town and give her her rightful spot as editor.

Molly has had several suitors in her time but none have captured her heart. Jack has come west to find adventure and only plans on staying in town a couple of years. Will these two be able to deny the attraction they feel for each other in order to follow through with the plans they have for their own lives? 

A sweet story showing the reader that God’s plans are not always our plans, no, they are so much better! I enjoyed Molly and Jack’s story very much.

A Cowboy for Katie by Debra Clopton

Treb Rayburn is a rambler. He’s been all over and intends to continue to travel. His horse has just died and so he must find work to afford another horse and be on his way. While asking for a job in Midway, Texas a young woman named Katie Pearl pokes her head into the mercantile and hires him on the spot. Her father has just been killed in a tornado that went through their property and since then Katie has not been “right” in the head. People have taken to calling her “Crazy Katie”. She talks to herself and has run everyone off of her land with a gun. Treb is just the person she needs to help her rebuild her home. He’s a man who isn’t interested in stealing her land or in marrying her, a wanderer in need of money who will then move on. But they are both lonely souls without any family who find comfort in each other’s company. What will happen when Katie’s home is rebuilt and it is time for Treb to move on?

I loved Katie and Treb! Treb has demons of his own that he is carrying around, but he has made his peace with God. I love how he helps Katie not only rebuild her home, but also rebuild her confidence. His tenderness with her is touching. Of course I always love a feisty female character and Katie doesn’t disappoint. She carries a gun and a whip and she knows how to use them much better than some men that have come sniffing around her property! Yet there is a vulnerability about her that Treb is drawn to which adds a softness about her and allows his protectiveness to shine through. I think I would like to have read a longer version of their story.

Courting Trouble by Margaret Brownley 

Brock Daniels is a lawyer from Philadelphia now practicing in Colorado. When young Jesse comes into his office and offers him fifty-six cents to represent his mother in her upcoming trial. Grace Davenport is known among the townspeople as The Black Widow. After all her most recent husband to die was number 3! 

Brock agrees to take Grace’s case after he meets her. He can’t help but see her innocence. The last time Brock defended someone though they were wrongly found guilty and hung. Brock knows the law, but in such a small town the rumors have flown and everyone believes that Grace is guilty of murdering her husband. With the trial held in the local saloon, and disinterested drunks as jurors will Brock be able to prove that Grace did not kill her husband?

I really liked the characters in this story. I liked how Brock took Jesse under his wing and started teaching him the law. I liked how Jesse cared for his mother and wanted to defend her and protect her and always believed in her innocence. I thought the romance was a bit rushed, but what is a reader to expect in a short story?


I enjoyed FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS very much. Each story was unique and fun to read. I loved all of the characters and found that I might have liked to read “more” of some of their stories. I liked how all of the stories were tied together by the Prologue of the pastors telling these stories to a young pastor that isn’t sure he can marry the woman he loves because she has some unconventional ways about her. The book ended with the Epilogue and this young pastor making up his mind about his lady love. 

Each short story can be purchased on Kindle separately.

Thank you to the publisher through BookLook Bloggers for my copy of the book for review. These are my own opinions. 

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