Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Kissing Bridge Giveaway Sponsored by Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer is having a contest on her blog. Today is the last day. Check out my review of THE KISSING BRIDGE.

Tricia asks us to share on our blog one or both of these questions:

1) What's the most beautiful bridge you've ever seen.
2) Share a special kiss. A grandma, child, friend, etc.-it doesn't have to be romantic.

I'm choosing the second question as I have not seen too many bridges in my lifetime and none that would inspire me to write about. But I have experienced a special kiss. My most special kiss comes from one of my grandchildren. Bree is a smart little 2 year old. Being the baby of the family she is especially kissable. But we are not big "lip kissers!" As much as I love my grandbabies I can't deal with slobbery lips and snotty noses! And to be honest those stinkers find it funny to run away when grandma wants a kiss. So with Bree I tried something different. I started kissing her on her forehead between her eyes. I call it a "sweet spot kiss" She has absolutely loved it! There have been several times that she has said something to me and I couldn't understand it until she slows down. What it sounds like is "seet sot tiss" but what she was saying was "Sweet Spot Kiss!" Now that she is nearing 3 it is coming out of her mouth better and I tell you there is nothing sweeter than hearing her tell me "Sweet Spot Kiss, Grandma!" And I oblige over and over again! Today her aunt(my youngest daughter) saw Bree at church. Bree came running out of her classroom yelling Huuuuuuuggggggggg! Grabbing Joy's legs she gave her a big hug and then looked up at her and said "Sweet Spot Kiss!" Aunt Joy was happy to plant one on her because seriously who could resist? And yes, Bree's sister and brother have caught on to the sweet kiss and allow grandma to plant one on them as well :)

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