Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stealing the Preacher by Karen Witemeyer

Crockett Archer is on his way to Brenham, TX when his train is held up by bandits. The passengers prepare to be robbed but the bandits do not want their jewelry or money. There is only one thing they want…the preacher!

Joanna Robbins made a promise to her mother before she died. She promised to carry on her mother’s mission of praying for her father Silas to make his peace with God. Joanna’s one wish for her birthday is to see a preacher in the abandoned church by their home. Little did she know that her father would go out and steal a preacher for her! 

Crockett agrees to listen to why Joanna needs a pastor, but he still has every intention of continuing on to Brenham. Because of his delay the church in Brenham choose another pastor. Crockett feels that the Lord is leading him back to Joanna and her father to help Jo in her efforts to get Silas’ heart to soften. 

Crockett confuses Silas. Everything Silas has ever known about religious people has been negative. Silas has no use for church-goers. But Silas can’t help but be impressed with Crockett. He works longer and harder than any of Silas’ other hands and Crockett isn’t intimidated by Silas. 

From the moment Crockett meets Joanna he sees something special in her. Her love for the Lord and her care of the people draws Crockett to her from the very beginning. One spoiled church member could ruin everything for Crockett and Joanna.

We read about Travis the oldest Archer brother in Short-Straw Bride. Now we have Crockett Archer the brother that took care of all of the spiritual and health issues for the family. Stealing the Preacher is a fun sequel to Short-Straw Bride. Karen Witemeyer has a sense of humor that comes through in her novels. As with all of Karen’s novels there is also an element of suspense that always seems to get me biting my nails. I enjoyed Stealing the Preacher and I hope that we will be able to read more of the Archer brothers in the future. 

I received my copy of Stealing the Preacher from the publisher Bethany House through NetGalley. This is my own review and my own opinion.


  1. Going to be reading this one soon also! It sounds cute although I am not "western fictions" biggest fan any more. Ah, well! It's probably cute and that's what counts most. :)

    1. Anything Karen Witemeyer is worth reading even if it is in a genre you don't normally like ;) Have you read her Short-Straw Bride? That is the book that the Crocket boys are introduced. So kind of the first book in the series you might say. Although I think they can be read in any order. I'm sure hoping to hear about more of these brothers :)