Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vanished by Irene Hannon

When driving in a rainstorm Investigative Reporter Moira Harrison hits a woman in the middle of the road causing Moira to run off of the road. When a Good Samaritan stops to help, Moira blacks out. When she comes to there are no emergency crews, no woman and no Good Samaritan. 

Unable to get the terror-filled eyes of the woman out of her mind Moira goes to Phoenix Inc. to enlist the help of a Private Detective. Cal Burke is the PI that interviews Moira. He agrees to do some checking to see if he can find anything of the missing woman or Moira’s Good Samaritan, admitting to her that it is probably a long-shot that anything will turn up. 

Pretty soon Moira and Cal are investigating the Humanitarian of the Year. Everything he represents points to him being a pillar of the community, but when Moira and Cal dig below the surface they find that not is all as it should be. 

Irene Hannon writes great suspense novels and Vanished did not disappoint. Book #1 in the Private Justice series introduces Cal, Dev and Connor as Private Detectives. Along with the suspense that keeps the reader turning the pages there is also the romance between Cal and Moira. Still mourning the death of his wife 5 years before, Cal and Moira are willing to explore their feelings for each other. As the case unfolds they find that they are more attracted to each other the longer they spend together. I enjoyed Vanished and look forward to more books in the series. After all, I’m sure there is more detecting to be done and there are still two PI’s that could use a little romance in their lives. 

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  1. I also loved this one. Thanks for your review. And I also can't wait to see what happens in the next one in this series.

    Thanks for sharing!