Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Survivor by DiAnn Mills

When Amy Garrett approaches Kariss Walker to write her story Kariss is intrigued. When Amy was 9 years old she was abducted from her bedroom and left in a field to die. She survived the horrific assault and is now ready to tell her story. But the killer is still out there and he for one is not willing to be caught.

Kariss and FBI Special Agent Santiago(Tigo) Harris are no longer dating. Kariss saw no future for their relationship when Tigo does not share her faith in a Savior and also neglected to share a major event in his life with her. Both are hurting and their relationship seems impossible. When a case that Tigo is working on and Kariss' book subject cross paths Tigo once again finds himself trying to protect the woman that he has come to care for.

At the same time that I found myself frustrated with Kariss and Amy's behavior I also found the story gripping and exciting. Kariss and Amy frustrated me with their constantly putting themselves in danger. Neglecting to listen to the advice of professionals to keep them protected both of the women thumbed their noses at their own safety. Of course that frustration led to part of the excitement of the book, but I found myself thinking "Oh good grief did you NOT learn from the last incident?" I also found Kariss' constantly saying she can take care of herself because she knows self-defense and carries a gun rather irritating. Just because a person is equipped does not mean that they cannot be taken by surprise. That aside I did enjoy the story and hope that there will be more in the series.


I received my copy of The Survivor from NetGalley and also ordered a "real" copy from Booksneeze(before I realized I had already gotten it from NetGalley), and also received a review copy from Zondervan. The product description is linked to Zondervan to order this book.

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