Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Wow! I finished the whole series once again. I love to visit "old friends" in what I read. I love the Twilight series. I explained how I became a fan on my Twilight post. By the time I read the series the first 3 books were already out. I sailed right through them and then had to wait for the release of Breaking Dawn. It was a LONG wait! So for the big event my friend Karin(the Edgy half of Edifying and Edgy) and my daughter planned to go to the release party at Borders. I had never been to a release party so didn't know what to expect. PLUS, on a normal night even for a weekend I am in bed early. So staying up until after midnight was killing me! The party started at 9pm. We entered into a trivia game(made up of teams), Karin had a bite mark tattooed on her hand, we got lots of freebies that the store was giving out. And then the ultimate excitement of the night...the books! Of course I had to buy 2 because my daughter and I were NOT going to fight over who got to read the book first! Our second copy was sent to my niece after I had finished it! We got home probably close to 1 in the morning and couldn't go to bed without reading some. I think I was up until after 2 reading and then up the next morning to start again. I loved it! And I especially loved the "Happy Ever After" ending! I'm all about that! We took pictures of our evening and I made a poster to hang up at work:


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