Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Queen by Steven James

Patrick Bowers is investigating a murder of a woman and her young daughter. Set up to look like a murder/suicide the local police are ready to wrap up the case. But Patrick has a more suspicious mind when it comes to dead people so he soon finds that things aren't always what they seem.

Patrick and his brother have a strained relationship because of something that happened when they were teens. It doesn't help that Patrick and his brother's wife Amber formed an emotional attachment while she and Sean were engaged.

Add to those tensions Tessa and her problems, along with an Eco-terrorist group, an assassin bent on seeking revenge on the person who killed his wife, a snow storm and past nemeses seeming to crawl out of the woodwork and you have an exciting tale sure to keep you awake long into the night.

I really do enjoy this series. The author knows how to build tension and to tell the story well. I do find myself rolling my eyes though at some points. Once again when the author uses words that you have to look up to figure out the meaning of it frustrates me rather than educates me or impresses me with his word usage. Seriously? Who uses words such as "frangible" and "susurrus"? Anybody?

Tessa is once again up to her usual bratty self. I find myself getting so frustrated with her character, but then I find myself feeling sorry for her. She is dealing with the after affects of killing someone which I totally understand will mess up a person's mind. But then when Patrick tells her to stay put and not drive in a snowstorm out she goes and does exactly what he tells her not to do. Gah! Seriously?!

I also have to say that if the author keeps killing off people that are an inconvenience to Patrick then pretty soon Patrick is going to be the only character he has left! Good grief! Be prepared for a few twists at the end and some unfinished business with Basque still out and about doing his dirty deeds. Looking forward to the next installment!

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